The Redhead


If you ask me what I am, the FIRST thing I will identify is that I am a redhead.  Sure, I have not really seen my natural color in 20 years but as I like to tell the boys – I can prove it.

Being a redhead allows you to be spunky and brash and quirky.  It also means people assign a sexuality to you that you maybe do not deserve.  I am not good at “sexy” but this is something I am working on.  But the rest of it?  I will take full advantage of –  I am irreverent, snarky and tend to whisper when something is important.

On June 14, 2013 I am 39 and  a half.  I am terrified of turning 40.  I am terrified I will end up alone.  I am self employed and terrified of being broke.

Last year started a sort of self discovery.  I went to see if I had ADD and I did.  And I thought the pills would cure it and then I just move on and continue being awesome.  Only it led to therapy.  And that was an eye opening experience.

I had a falling out with a friend this year.  And she used things I said in my blog, well not against me….but whatever.  I did not care about that part of it.  I decided there were people who knew that blog that did not need to know my triumphs and tribulations.  I wanted a private place to talk about it all. With no one I know seeing and judging.  Writing is how I process.  I was really good at it when I started blogging (10??) years ago.  There were stories as I was young and drunk and meeting different people.  Now I am a little more dull.  It is a little more about my internal workings.

This will remain anonymous.  Just between us.

So, welcome!  Leave a comment.  Ask a question.  Debate an answer.  Tell me I am an asshole.  Whatever you feel like.


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