Asking for what you want

I have never been good about stating my own needs.  Until I found fetlife.  Because I could type out what I wanted.

This is not my first excursion into kinky sex.  But this is the first time I am asking for what I really really want.

I am busy.  Over worked and stressed.  And I want release.  So I asked to be a pillow princess.  No reciprocation.  I want to lie there and enjoy.  I want to be massaged and caressed and nibbled and licked and fingered.

And I got it.

He did something amazing.  He laid his head against one leg, with his face very near my pussy.  And with one very wet finger he just stroked my clit.  Forever.  And if I could have that every day my life would be complete.  It was calming exctasy.  It did not make me cum, although if I directed more it may have.  But it just put me into a relaxed state of bliss.

I may never see him again but oh how I loved it.  I am still throbbing from it.


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