Sex and ADD

Last year, at the age of 38 I was diagnosed as ADD.  I did see a therapist for awhile and I really wish I could still afford her.  She recommending reading ADD and Romance.

I have slowly gotten through the book and it has been eye opening – why I fight (or why I have such a hard time fighting), why he feels ignored, etc, etc.  Then I got to the chapter on sex.

The Man is frustrated with me as I do not orgasm like he thinks I should.  He thinks it should be 5 minutes of oral and done.  Well….not so much. I have apologized over and over for not being as easy as the other women in past.

And then the book explained it.  And I cried.  Because I cry every time I learn something that explains “me”.  I mean, I AM broken. But now I know why and I can work on fixing it.

I walked into the bedroom, handed him my iPad with a few passages highlighted and got in the shower.  And he supposedly read it and never brought it up again.

And that hurts.


2 thoughts on “Sex and ADD

  1. sounds like a dick.
    so glad you found something that helps you understand yourself better though! personal breakthroughs can re-define your life 🙂

  2. In his defense we argued about something else the moment I got out of the shower. We will see how tonight goes. But the point of this blog is a place to write about the good and the bad. And what I SHOULD have written was how I was an asshole. But it still would have been nice for him to say SOMETHING. Dunno. I am having a shit week. I am just off. Work is frustrating, I am frustrated with him, he is frustrated with me, communication SUCKS.

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