This amazing life

Last night I ended up in the city.  Which led to a rooftop at dawn viewing of the bridge being blown up.  I need to revel in the magic that is my life.  I need to embrace that magic more and more and more.


Karaoke and hangovers


1) Nights in the burbs with city friends and young clients.  Sparkling sangria, guacamole, car shows, cocktails, karaoke at the bowling alley.  Cool?  No.  Fun?  Totally.

2) Lazy Friday’s of sleeping in, muggy weather (so weird for here), and loose plans for fun with the VYC.

3) That the HUGE zit that screamed SINNER (too much cheese, eating crap, making out with too many boys) is almost gone.


I got super annoyed with the cop.  And I was done.  DONE.  But he called and got real.  Real works with me.  So, things are ok.  Not great but ok.  He pointed out that I am making all sorts of comments about how it could never work (cuz,…duh, .001% chance) and he is pulling away if I am not going to give him a chance.  Fair enough.


The attorney was supposed to come out with us last night.  But true to form, he worked late and did not make his flight home.  I was not surprised and not terribly upset.  We were going to an event in my town, and I knew damn well the VYC would be there, too.  I did not need the stress of a potential awkward interaction. I don’t need to throw other men at the VYC either. He knows enough.

At some point in the stroll downtown, I feel someone staring at me, and there is VYC standing to the side with his cop buddies. I run over and say hi.  He asks if I am on a date because my client is with us.

The three of us (client, friend, me) end up at the bowling alley for drinks and karaoke.  I tell the cop and he and the T!nder cop come meet us.  The evening is fun.  The VYC is a little aggressive with wanting to make out in the bar.  I just don’t need that much tongue with witnesses.

And then I get this from the attorney:in love with youIn love with me?  Oh….that feels a little manipulative.