More internet stalking

Let’s bring this full circle…..

When I realized the Tattoo Exec was a little bit of a hypocrite last year, I figured out who she was. This bartender was petite and looked to be a lot of fun – always out drinking and such.  But I knew he wanted (or so he said, we all say we want one thing and then go for the opposite) someone with their shit together.  He did not want someone tattooed and rockabilly and whatever.  He wanted a career woman.

So, as I am pretty good at this (how can I turn this into a business??) I knew when they broke up.  Or within a few weeks.  It is easy with her because this bitch changes her profile pic every freaking day.  And until recently had an open page.

What he told me when I saw him last week was that he knocked someone up.  I assume it was her.  Though I could be wrong.

I have continued to watch her show because I can.  So they (TE and this gal) broke up sometime in late Feb or early March.  I guess there is ample time in there to knock someone else up but I do not know of any other women, so in MY head it it her.

She meets new guy in March (or they reconnect. Potentially they know each other from school).  They are engaged in August.  I had noticed the “engaged to” has disappeared from their pages in the last month.  She posts a pic with another dude (not touching him, but odd).  But they got a dog together.  She has shut her page down recently.  He has shut down his instagram.  Can anyone else smell the drama??

New guy was out of town for a few days and then this happens…..

He (her fiance)  just posted a photo and tagged her.  It has little plastic baggies (at least 7), a spoon, a credit card, a bart ticket.  “It’s funny when drug users make different excuses for why what doesn’t work… Always not them… Your failed experiences is due to your lack of growing up…. Take responsibility for your party lifestyle.. If I wanted a party girl I’d revert back to my 30’s”

Now, I do not know enough about drugs to know if that is coke, heroin, meth?  I have no idea.  I am soooo straight.

New guy outed her on FB??!!  WHAT THE HELL?!  He has over 2500 friends.  Wow.

I mean good for him for being strong about it. This guy seems solid.  Seems to have his head on straight.

I am gonna grab some popcorn and watch the shit show!!


UPDATE:  The comments continue.  Apparently her mother came by to clean up the evidence??  And someone asked what the spoon was for and he said “You know what it is for”…..!!! Does that mean they were shooting something?  OMG I am sooo out of the loop on this type of thing.

UPDATE 2: The post is gone.  A few people told him it should be private and they knew he was heartbroken and hurting but it was not appropriate on FB.  He noted “But it is ok for her to do it?” I assume meaning she is blasting him on FB but it is private.   He confirmed it ended over drugs.  But also some comment about counting bags?  So he is a dealer?  Because if he is, or if he uses AT ALL then he is a hypocrite as well.  I mean cummon.

Well now how am I going to entertain myself today……


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