More writing

No word from TE.  I am halfway to putting myself back on T!nder because I am bored.  M@tch is not working for me.

Work was a real fuck nugget a few weeks ago.  Like $55K was walking out the door.  I have managed to get $20K of that back on track.  Another $4K (new).  And possibly another $15K in the works.  Not a bad way to end the year, with a $30 to $40K month.  I need it because the tax man would like his money NOW!

With that $20K coming back (although 3 weeks away) I am going to hunt for a gym this week.  I have not worked out most of the year (hello, fake menopause) and I am squishy.  Well, squishier than normal as I am always squishy.  Debating going back to the barre classes (my knees hate some of the moves), trying a new barre company, or doing a boxing based circuit training. There might be other options, but those are what come to mind to start.

I have been doing yoga, but the classes are an hour and a half. And getting home at 9 pm does not really work for me.  I will look for other options with that, as in my perfect dream life I am a yoga badass.  And look like it.  Ha!

I hate the time change.  I get tired at 6.  And then WIDE AWAKE at 10.  I am going to crawl into bed now and try to unwind and see if that works.  🙂


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