Breakups are hard in this day and age.   As #1 stalker (from my couch) it is way to easy to see what is going on and really hurt for those people.

  1. Tatt Exec – I could almost track his breakup (and then her engagement to someone else – eeek!)
  2. The Shop Owner – has been dating a very cute mom of a teenage.  FB tells me she liked his pic on 10/20.  And 10/3 she used a pic from their Hawaii vacation as her cover page.  And I just saw him on m@tch.  “Active in the last 24 hours”.  Ouch.
  3. The one that got away and his wife. I can smell the drama from here.  He blocked me (wtf?) and locked down his page.  But hers still says she lives somewhere else.  Although it publicly states she is married.  Makes me wonder if she saw his comments on my pictures?  Dunno.  Shrug.
  4. The Tattoo Attorney’s wife is still posting a few things publicly as well.  Stop pissing on him honey.  I am glad it all worked out.  He fucked me with no condom BTW.  Might want to get yourself tested.

I am sure there are more…..but the Shop Owner stunned me.  Reading back through those posts I realize how much I liked him.


I broke down and texted.  The reply was….meh.




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