For posterity

The one that got away.

Let’s run through this quick.

This weekend I was out in the city and drunk and posting on fb a lot. He was commenting away on some pics.

This created curiosity.

He friended me July 5th.

He posted this Aug 2. (About divorce)

He and his wife have pics of them out (but not touching or in the same pic) July 3rd.

July 2nd is the last time he commented on one of her posts.  She has not commented on one of his in forever.

I pulled her up today and her page says she lives 40 mins away.  Huh.

She has also dropped his last name which had me freaking out, but google caching shows me she still had the last name on July 16th

I am sure there is more, but fuck it.  Something is going on.  And if he pulls me into it I am going to go postal


Meanwhile the supposed ex of the attorney is posting that they had a vacation for just the two of them and now with the whole family.  WHAT THE FUCK?????

I give up.  I really, really give up.


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