My life has never been a straight line.  Always taking the harder, longer route.  But now?  Circles.  My life is circles.  Everything comes back.  Especially men.

1) This one wants to be friends on FB? WTF? He is still married.

2) Jui Jitsu boy also wants to be friends on FB.  Has a new gf.

3) The Tattoo Exec sent me an email.  Screenshot_2015-07-21-16-21-142

The whole thing just made me mad.  At no point was I thinking about missing him.  He is a very attractive man.  We maybe should have dated.  But I am still bent.  And I feel like he is replaceable.  I can find another tattooed guy who likes me more than I like him. Easy.

4) The Heart Rn moved closer to me.  I have seen him twice since he moved.  Both times we fuck 3 or 4 times.  It is getting better.  He wants me to be his stand in summer gf.  With an option to renew for the holidays.  This confuses me.  Are you actually interested?  He wanted to cuddle the other night. Which led to him going down on me and talking me into sex.  I had already said no.  But….eh….whatever.

I think that is enough men coming back into my life for one month.


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