I am very interested in trying a Dominant/submissive romantic relationship.  Hence, the dabbling with FFGD.  Realizing his poly lifestyle was not going to work for me, I tried to find something else.

I decided on a CL ad.  Backfired big time.

First?  Catfished.  Hook line and sinker.  Til I got smart enough to google an image and BINGO.  And I panic because…..he knows enough about me to know who I am.

Second?  The other one, the one that I enjoy talking to online finally tells me he is married.  Not unhappily married.  I am dead set against married men.

Obviously,  I need to rethink how I am going to go about this.  I want someone who understands the dynamic.  Not just some retard that thinks it would be cool to fuck someone any which way he wants without complaint.  I want the emotional release more so than even the physical.  I want to feel taken care of, protected and safe.


Mr MBA went back to the gf that he chose over me last time.  They ended up FB friends again yesterday and she is commenting “Super hot” on his new profile pic that is not that hot.

So. Done.  Learning to live in the quiet of no male attention.


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