The facebook age

I am a pretty good facebook stalker.  Nothing bothers me more than someone who does not post anything.

In a fit of boredom I looked up the Tattooed Exec.  He had broken up our friendship in June after a drunken night.  In my recollection he was telling me he was not going to have a girlfriend for a year.  Typical of me, not thinking if he had a gf I would then not get my free Thursday night drinks, I tell him not to box himself in.  Just go with it.  Enjoy (he was finalizing a divorce) but do not put stupid rules on yourself.

Somehow, some way, I pissed him off.  And he threw a tantrum.


  • Me

    Wow. What did I say that you defriended me on facebook? In my mind I said do not limit yourself because of your past. Do not choose to be alone because you acted in a certain way 10 years ago. You are different now. Now…was I fucking drunk? Yes. But goddamn, TE. Do you think maybe you were a little sensitive last weenend?

  • It takes a lot for me for me to get that way. Don’t need that drama from anyone right now. And even in this message again you still feel the need to criticize me. My feeling is that type of night will just happen again.

  • Great. Nuff said. One thinks they are telling someone to be open and happy and….I am not sure what you heard, but I have listened to every thing you have said and opted to not take it as a critique on my life. Have a good one.


Anyway….he was telling me based on who he was 10 years ago he should not date.  And what do I find on facebook?  A FUCKING GIRLFRIEND. And from the looks of it, he had her by July.

And I am the asshole?  REALLY?  I have been really pissy about it for a few days.  I unblocked him (barely remember doing that) and put a public rant on there that he may see someday.


A guy who wants to take me out this weekend posts an article about 2 weeks ago “How to Tell if You are in Love”.  And friends his ex gf (who lives out of state but a short flight).

That is going to be an interesting dinner.


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