Coming in second

So The Brother was home this weekend.  And true to form, the rest of the family ends up in a fight because of it.

He is the golden child.  Makes gobs of money, never visits, and is a judgy asshole.  I was instructed to attend a lunch.  Which I did.  I then begged off dinner, since I was not originally invited but more of asked last minute. And I had other shit to do.

And now, one day later I am getting texts from my mother that my father feels like I never spend time with him.  I SAW HIM YESTERDAY.

I also took 2.5 days to spend with them TWO WEEKS ago when his sister was in town. How much time do most 40 year old people spend with their parents?

Mind you he does not call ME.  But I am expected to spend some amount of time in his presence, while he either talks about running (his only topic of conversation) or have him ignore me while reading or watching tv.





Could she be any more plain? Well, yeah, he is having this melt down because brother bored us. So, now it is your turn to fill in the voids he left.

I have spent 40 years being the one to make things right.  And I just do not give a fuck anymore.


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