I lieu of a drink tonight we saw a psychic after an open studio art show.

She told me I am independent and strong.  She said my 4th chakra is blocked and that is why I cannot find love.

She said there was deception on the last relationship.  And while that is not 100% accurate (to my knowledge) there was not full honesty.

And I asked if he is coming back…ever?  And she said no.  He can’t.  He won’t.  He longs for me, but he won’t.

It is good to hear.  I need to know. I need to move past him.  Because as I am mourning the relationship he promised, not the one I really had.

I miss that he didn’t push my buttons.  I miss how I looked in his eyes.  I miss what could have been.

But I will be ok.


The Rapper is a whole other story that I do not have the energy to get into right now.  But suffice it to say we can’t quit each other yet.  But I am on the brink of just telling him to go fuck himself.

The psychic did say I always date the same guy.  And I lump the rapper (but not really the Attorney) into that.  So, I think that tells me to move on, too.


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