I have taken myself off all of the dating sites.

I am alone.  No boys texting.  No one asking for my time other than BFF but all she wants to talk about is diagnosing her ex, the COO, as a narcissist.

Work is slow.

I spent the weekend doing things like cleaning out my closet, vacuuming under the bed, and being quiet.

I am home today with a hangover after spending a much needed night with my old roommate.  He is back in my life post divorce and we really have a good time when we hang out.


The only story I have is OK guy asked me to go to a festival in TX with him in 2 weeks.  Big spender offered to pay for half my ticket.  He wants to get all frisky on text again and I am feeling the opposite of sexy.  I have zero sex drove right now.  None.

I entertained it for a moment but soon realized if I spent $100 more I could get to the Caribbean in Dec to see my UK BFF who will spend 3 weeks there visiting her in-laws. So, I will be spending a week down there instead!  I figure that gives me time and motivation to shed a few lbs and make some more money!



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