The malcontent (that would be me)

The Rapper:

We had it out.

I texted him yesterday that is made me sad that he was going to blow of a good friend because of sex.  When what he needs is someone on his side.

He calls.  And we have a good chat.  He speaks well.  Odd for a rapper guy, huh?

We “made up”.  I understand the sexy talk the night before led him to believe we were banging.  While in my head it was never an option.  He admitted he acted like a spoiled child.

We texted last night and it did not go well.  I texted him this morning and asked him to come over tonight.  We will see if he does.

The Heart Nurse:

He came over late last week and we had some pretty good sex (third time).  I have never loved giving a bj. It is not my thing.  Boys stink and I have a good gag reflex.  And a small mouth.  Ask my dentist.  But I was a good girl and after standing there fondling each other I dropped to my knees.  Still not my fave thing.  But because I do not care if he likes it or not, I think I am actually better at it.

Once done, he had forgotten an appointment and rushed out.  In between we talked about dating.

His bday was yesterday.  FB told me.  I had no idea. I texted him that maybe I should have let him take the video he wanted since it was his bday.  We made plans to fuck today.  But then he went out to dinner last night with some young thing he used to date.

Now I am bent out of shape and wondering if I should skip.  I am not jealous.  I am more cautious.  And why does SHE get the bday?  He could have invited me out.

Whatever.  I do not want to date him.  I just don’t like feeling like a dirty little secret.

New dates:

The Car Entrepreneur.  48.  VERY attractive in a lanky easy way.  We met after his business trip.  He likes my ideas to use t!inder pics – an idea my gf’s and I came up with.  He has 3 kids and a Hahvahd grad almost ex wife.  Not sure I am in him league.

The MBA guy: Tall, interesting, very smart.  Religious background.  2 divorces.  He liked me. But I wonder if he doesn’t like what he considers “wild” women.  He did once marry a stripper.

I heard from the car guy after.  Quick post date exchange with the MBA .  No idea if I will see either again.  But I am curious about both.


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