Ok, where are we with this.

The Rapper called and told me about a drug habit he has recently gotten over.  It was not long term but he is still in detox in my opinion.

We did go out last Friday.  It was a late one again and I was not in a great mood to leave my house at 10:40.

His place is gross.  He says he let it get away from him while getting off the shit.

I get snotty after the cab ride and he says I was not nice most of the night.  I will reiterate I was tired.  And the drug thing sort of threw me for a loop.  Although I think I had guessed some of it.

The night ends with nothing.

I go home and feel a little like as ass.  Like AGAIN I did something wrong.  And I assume I might not hear from him.

And I don’t until last night (Tues).

He says he wants to take me to dinner. “I shall feed you”.  “That almost sounds like a date.  Be careful”, I say.  We have a nice chat which he wants to be dirty.

We’re supposed to be at dinner now.  Actually an hour and a half ago.  He got tied up.

He texts me while driving to go away with him to the coast this weeeknd.

What the everloving fuck? Is he trying to date me?  I am too tired for this.


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