The Rapper and I have tried to get together every night this week (or damn close to it) and nothing has worked out.  Which means I sit around all ready until too late to find other plans.

We chatted last night and I said if he bails again he is going to have one angry redhead on his hands.  He says he knows angry redheads.  And he tells me the reason he had to stop hanging with me in 2010 was his gf (the on-and-off over 10 years and just totally ended it gf) has the same name, hair color and career as me.  Whoa.

I knew some of that but not all of it.

It makes me wonder.  A lot.

I check for a license that she would need.  Find none.  Did she really do what I do?  Or just work in the general industry?

I do find her twitter which has a tweet that CLEARLY is about him and it is 7 hours old at the time.  So, about 2 hours before we chat.  Da fuck?

It is 4:12 and supposedly we are hanging tonight.  I have not heard from him since last night when I accidentally send a text meant for my bff that said the stuff about the ex.  It was a factual text.  Nothing else.  But god I am dumb.

I will wait for him to reach out.  I am too tired.  And I am afraid of repeating the past.  And I am super afraid he is still really wrapped up in the ex.  And I think he is.



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