In reading through the stuff with The Rapper I realize I call him my top 3 in chemistry.  So much has changed!

And I wanted to make a list.  To reminisce.  In no order….

1) Peter.  The guy from the bar at the SF restaurant I managed.  One date at a piano bar on the edge of the Castro. Fun, handsome, hot.  God, I wanted him.  Things got weird and I would get late night calls where he would say he wasn’t good enough.  I think he was in a relationship.

2) JHL – my employee.  I would have other managers tell me to stop flirting and I physically could not stop.  I was so drawn to him. The kiss was sweet and soft and sexy and if I was kissed that way today I would be his forever.

3) The Rapper.  See posts

4) The Hot Doctahh.  I could look up more, but much like the rapper we thought alike. Same love for random music.  I straddled him in a desk chair and we made out.

4) 4H – The Photog.  Most sensual night of my life.  I am not sure it was chemistry.  Or it was different.  He took me there vs. the hormones taking me there.

5) The Man.  Another hot ass day spent in bed not fucking.  My body wanted him and his big dick.  We had great sex a few times.

6) Shop Owner.  Making out up against the side of a building.  I loved is hands.

7)  The Robot/Solar Guy.  That was a fun drunken night at a dive bar and then in my car with his hands dipping into my bra to brush my nipples.

Yummy.  I need more of those nights.


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