1:49 PM:  Hi baby.  I’m back.

5:58 PM: Hope you had a good vacation

6:08 PM:  I did.

Sends two pics of his kids on the beach.

I have had one helluva day.  I worked from 9 am to 9 pm and I did not even make a dent in the things I need to accomplish.  One of my best tools for getting shit done is not working and the support site does not know why.  I am tired.  I am overwhelmed.  My best friend is finding out her bf of 3 years has been cheating left and right.  My house is a wreck.  And I have no time this week.

So, the guy I am “fucking” texts me after being gone for 10 days.  I do not know where he was.  OR WITH WHO.  And he expects….what exactly?

I do not have it.  The energy.  The emotion.  Anything.  I have nothing left to give.

And I am PMSing.


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