The Attorney – an update

There is a huge disconnect with the Attorney.  And I am trying to cope with it and sort it out.

When we are together it is great.  He is so into me.  He wants to look me in the eyes while fucking me, he tells me I am beautiful and he makes plans.

And then he leaves and I hear very little.

Example:  We fuck for an hour and a half on Tuesday morning.  I then hear some things, but not a lot from him.  I ask him Thursday night what he is doing and his response is “kids”.  I then ask Friday if he has the kids for the weekend.  And hours later he says he is taking them on vacation “tomorrow”.

We were supposed to go out of town Tuesday.  I have no idea how long he is gone or where he is going.  And I feel like a jerk.  I mean I LET this guy come over and fuck me and leave.  And then I am shown how much I matter.  I do not even know he is leaving town.  Or where he is going.

He texts me and I tell him about my fresh wax job

atty killingatty kiling 2atty killing 3

He says he will call me before he leaves. My phone has not rung.

And I feel like when he is with me he is 100% with me.  So, when he is away is he 100% with them (clients, kids, whomever)?

I still do not think he is dating anyone else. I could be totally wrong, but I just do not think so.  I am.  I am still dating.  But whatever.

I guess I will hear from him when I hear from him.  And til then keep my options open.


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