The rapper

2010 I was head over heels after one super drunken date.  He stole things I said about him and put them in his dating profile.  He threatened to call the cops on me for stalking.  For sending him one drunken text message.  Um….I know where you live and I have not driven anywhere near your place so how is ONE text message stalking?  Dumb fuck.

2014 He adds me on FB and wants to be FwB.  I say no.

He posts something about a speedbump derailing him again (on fb).  Then a reference to it being a redhead.  I figured it was his ex.  But a week later I scroll through the pics and she was blond.  It cannot be me. There is no way it is me.  Right?  Total coincidence?  (He asked 7.28 and the post was 7.29).

I drunkenly send him a Happy Bday on fb.  He says “c’mere”.  And I melt.  Is there anything hotter than “c’mere”.  Shit.  Fucking hormones.

I am back to knowing we could be good together.  But it is not meant to be.  He has some major shit.  But he is one who would know how to work me.  Scary and tantalizing all at the same time.


Meanwhile I just basically had sex with the Heart RN.  Another one 5 years in the making.   And he is so clearly not into me.  We do not know how to deal with each other on a romantic level.  I am done.


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