Almost there


1) Hot men who can do amazing things to my body

2) Learning to be beautiful and sexy (refer to UPW conference)

3) Having eggs for 3 meals today

I went to breakfast this morning with a friend.  As I was waiting for him to show, I ended up making a sex date with the attorney.  He had an hour before picking up kids.

He had told me he is not a fan of girl on top.  But he now says he loves it when I do it.  He also spooned me at coming in from behind did amazing things.

It was not the best sex, but it was really, really good sex.  Now I just have to get him more on the foreplay track.


I was supposed to have dinner with the VYC but he texted that he had family stuff to do and we did lunch.  I thought I was going back over there to spend the night but it is almost 10 and I am going to bed.

We went back to his house to make out.  He had hurt his hand at work and only had his left so he curled up behind me and drove me nuts with one hand.  He bit my shoulders really hard and it was so amazingly hot. I then crawled into his lap and straddled him and he actually scratched my back. The man left marks.  Knowing full well I have a date tomorrow.    Hot.  I want someone to mark me.

We chatted a bit.  He says he broke up with the “one that got away” in August because she wanted marriage and kids.  I then pushed back that this was never going to work out.  I want to fall for this man. I want to fall hard but I am not sure I should waste the time.

I am playing it loose for awhile. I will see what happens with both men and make a decision.  Both men so different.  Both almost perfect.  Yet not perfect enough.  I could get lost in either of them for totally different reasons.  If only I could meld them.


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