I missed writing my gratitude on Friday, so let me catch up:

1) Nooners.  Story below

2) Flirting – all the flirting, the being called beautiful, the men texting while out doing man stuff (like bachelor parties).

3) T!nder and OKC and Eh@rm and the non stop stream of options to keep my mind off other things

4)Nights at home

5) The fact that my cat hates my new short hair (he used to run his claws through it and I thought he was trying to tell me he wanted under the covers. Turns out he was pulling it close to him so he could put his head in it?  Anyway, he is not a fan of the new do).  It is so cute that he has an opinion!

6) A freshly waxed area.

Nooners:  The Attorney came over on Thursday.  He looked so cute in a tee shirt, blazer, jeans and chucks.  I love that he is successful and likable and real.  I immediately took him upstairs and he curled into my chest.  I was wearing a bathing suit cover up with a large v neck and easy access.  And he went to town nuzzling me.

He says I am his type and just looking at me turns him on.  He was hard very quick.  We talked and messed around and I mentioned I am not on the pill.  He has had a vasectomy – something I did not know.  And then I just blurted out the about the little virus and he says “Don’t care!” and pulls my undies off.

He felt so good.  I thought he might be a little on the small side.  My last bf was much larger, but it is so true that it really does not matter.  And while my last bf might have lasted 3 minutes this guy went on forever.  Like too long!

He was so happy afterwards.  He wanted me to sit in the bathroom with him while he showered.  And he told me how much he likes me without makeup.  He called me on his way to the airport to tell me again to not wear makeup.


I was supposed to see Very Young Cop last night but he was hurt on the job.  It is weird because I am not sure if he wants nurturing or sympathy or for me to think he is a badass?  He texted me when he got home last night supposedly from the hospital.  I responded back this morning, but ball is in his court.

The Photog is supposed to come over today  for a little naked fun. I am grappling with 1) broken pussy from way too much friction the other day and 2) Do I want to be sleeping with multiple men at the same time?  Are there options here where I am only having intercourse with 1?  Maybe.  The Photog does enjoy a bj and is dying to show me how he likes it.  But then what is the point?  Can he finish me off with toys or whatever?  I am actually leaning towards the VYC as he makes comments that he is dominant and that is something I would like to explore.

Cancer girl is going on a date with a guy I went out with in Feb – the Coach.


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