1) Last night was all sorts of awesome and I am grateful that my new attitude is opening new and old doors.  Story below.

2) My house.  My sanctuary.  My place to be me and to recover after crazy nights.

3) My new haircut.  I am finding the products that make it look best and I love it.

I was supposed to spend last night with the Attorney.  But he missed his flight (I think he told me at 10.

Earlier I had gotten a text from a very young cop I dated briefly in November.  He knew some guy I had connected with on T!nder.  We went back and forth a bit and he told me to come meet them at a local watering hole.

The other cop (T!inder cop) was cute.  But when the bill came he balked at paying.  And the Very Young Cop told him to pay since VYC had gotten me to the bar to meet T!nder Cop.  It was awkward the amount of time he spent trying to NOT pay the bill.  And it turned me off big time.

T!inder cop leaves and the Very Young Cop and I are now alone and decide to go get a drink.  At the next bar he leans over and kisses me.  And after the third bar we go back to his house.  He is cocky.  But he is also very affectionate.  And a good kisser.  His hands are everywhere.  And he puts clean sheets on the bed and wants to hold me all night.

NOT what I expected.  I got almost no sleep last night.  But I love that I was open enough to not be put off by the cocky behavior (which pushed me away last year) and just roll with it.  I am actively looking for someone to have sex with.  I have options, and I think I only want one.  And I would like it to be either someone I am totally into or someone I know will be erotic but I know I will not fall for.  VYC falls into the will not fall for category.



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