Good things

I will write more when I have time, but I have given myself an attitude adjustment.  I am getting over my own bullshit.

Everyday I need to tell myself 3 things I am grateful for:

1) I am more than grateful the attorney is back and super engaged. I am seeing him tonight.  We spent all day together Sunday.  Drinking and messing around in bed. I was on my period so I gave him two handjobs.  And he had masturbated that day.  That boy has quite a sex drive to cum 3 times.  A friend figured out his love language is “Words of Affirmation” so I need to read up on that one.  It is definitely the one I am the worst at, so I need to brush up.

2) The Photog.  I came across an old fling and he has an open relationship.  He was hands down the most erotic few nights of my life.  And we are set to just have sex.  We have not been able to meet yet, and if the Attorney and I move forward I will have to cut it off, but having a (hot, hot, hot) backup plan makes me feel really safe.  And he is super attentive. I hear from him most days with a “Hi Sexy” or something, so this is not just free sex to him.  He is also sort of engaged in the process even though it has taken us weeks to make it work. [He canceled our first tryst due to sick child. I was so, so, so horny I stayed home and cried.  I NEEDED to be touched and teased and fucked.  And he was so nice about me being so needy.]

3) A clean house and some down time at work.  I really cleaned for the Sunday date with the Attorney and it is still in good condition (I seem to mess things up quickly, so this is awesome!).  I am working from home a lot this week and it feels good to be in my own space.

Quick update:

Coffee Guy dumped me after the last “date” I mentioned.

The RN…I decided he was too nice and did not have enough boundaries for me.  So, onwards.  He was one I SHOULD like (handsome, good on paper) but just wasn’t into.

More later people!  Missed you!


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