Where are we at?

I am taking a step back from dating at the moment.  Just slowing down a bit.  There is nothing very exciting going on but here is an update:

BFF and COO broke up.  She is dealing with it pretty well and we are hanging out quite a bit.

Coffee guy is still around but I cannot decide where that is going if anywhere.  He was over last weekend and kept sticking his hands down my pants which I thwarted as I was supposed to start my period that day.  He came over Tuesday which was supposed to be more datelike and did not touch me at all.  Weird.  I have heard nothing from him about plans so…..???

Solar Guy still texts.  We are supposed to get together but nothing is on the calendar and it will not be anything datelike.

The attorney and I are done but friendly.

The Tattoed Exec and I went for drinks last week and he then lost his fucking mind, got pissed and unfriended me on FB. Um….yeah.  Great.

The RN: We had a great few dates and then he got weird about work and has taken a huge step back.  So…..leaving that one alone.

FT: He texted me from a number I do not know that he quit his job.  Going to lunch this week to catch up.  Must look amazing.

OK: After a dirty Skype he has been distant.  I think he is broke and we are never going to get close enough geographically for anything to happen.

There are a smattering of new people to go out with, but I am in no hurry.

Right now I am loving my new workouts.  Coffee guy even commented on my ass last week – so it is working already.  While I have not lost inches or even centimeters I can tell my ass is higher, my posture better and my middle firmer.  And I feel good for putting myself first. Now if I could just get my diet squared away….



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