OK is OK

OK Guy has stepped up his game big time. Very sexy exchanges.  Dick pics.  Waking me up with texts on how he would wake me up if we were sleeping in the same bed.

I am sitting in Coffee Guy’s shop breathing hard from the emails.

We watched a movie together last night. Syncing the viewing so we were within a minute of each other, texting comments back and forth.  It was Don Jon.  And the end, with the connection?  That is the ongoing conversation that OK and I have been having for 2 weeks.  How to find connection. THAT connection.  The one that takes sex to the higher level.

Now he wants to come out here for a week.  To wake me up with his tongue.  To have his hands on me at all times.  To fuck me like I have probably never been fucked before.

And it is so tempting. I cannot take a vacation, I am too broke. But I could have one come to me.  All soft touches and licking and strokes and making me cum and cum and cum before he ever gets his own satisfaction.


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