Welp, it looks like the attorney is done.  No word since Friday.  Today is his bday and I text him a happy bday and go back and forth a tiny bit but….yeah.

I am so tired of it all I cannot even be sad.  I came to the realization over the weekend he does not want me. He wants something, but he is not even sure what.  What he does not want is another obligation.  And who am I to try to be what he so clearly does not need.

I am moving on.  I do not know how yet, but I will figure it out.


In other news, Solar Guy who has now been named The Robot went to Hawaii.  We text all the time but I have not seen him since April 3.

And now he wants dinner because he got me something while he was away.  The hell?  WHY would you do that?


When I was out of town I went out with a guy on t!inder.  He lives in another country, and is here to launch a business. We text all the time.  He wants to call me and have me read to him.   I told him he was lonely.  And we have this discussion about being lonely in the middle of a crowded place.  Lonely for connection.  “Company is easy”, he says, “connection is hard”.  And he is right.  I, too, and looking for connection.  And I, too, am lonely.


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