Hormones and other stories

The Attorney:  Cancels on my Thursday due to ex having the shits and he has the kids and cannot find a babysitter.  He says he has F/SA/Su free and I tell him my plans on Fri and Sat and tell him he is welcome to join.  He says “I’m sure we’ll find a nice chunk of time this weekend”.


My Friday plans alter and I text him around 12:30 saying if he wants to meet after 6:30 I can.  I get a response around 6:30 that he is out of town and heading back (ETA 10 pm).  I go out with someone else (to be explained later in this post) and text him back around 10:15 to “sleep well”.  We go back and forth a bit, he is home, I am drunk and do not want to make the bed and he invites me over.  I respond “Too far, too drunk”.

It is now Saturday at 5:20 pm and we have no plans.

Coffee Guy: We had been texting all day.  Mostly about how we knew who the other was from the bar days.sexy


like youHe meets me at a dive bar even though he needs to get up early for work. We play some trivia games and enjoy a beer.  And he tells me he was baring his soul to me today….about me.  I know he likes me.  I am trying to not like him.  He is my pattern  – the super bright underachiever.  I am doomed.

I do not want to leave him. He kisses me sweetly in the parking lot and I want nothing more than to climb him like a tree.  I come home and I cannot get him out of my head.  I am envisioning him sleeping with me (sleeping, not sexy times).

I wake up thinking about him.  I go on another date (see below) and I work myself into an utter tizzy the rest of the day just wanting to make out with him and be near him and, quite frankly, fuck him.  Which I am totally NOT going to do.  But it is all I can think about.

Am I love sick?  I do not feel horny, I feel nauseous actually.  And like I just want to curl up with him and not leave bed for 2 or 3 days.


We have no plans.  I asked him to come to a party with me tonight and he declined.  I need to get my mins on something else.  Anything else.

The Game of Risk: T!nder date.  What I know from the app – he has a job that puts him on the news.  He likes “goth” culture.  I cannot tell if he is cute or not.  The online convo is fine but not earth shattering.

We meet at a fancy coffee shop.  I buy the coffee because I am there first.  He is cute.  He is international and open and smart.  He is likely way more edgy than I am.  Or he skirts the edges like I have been so careful to do my whole life – accepted by those who live on the edge while not actually being on the edge myself.

We swap animal stories (of the things we geek out on). Neither of us watch tv much.  He is the CEO of his company, owns a home, and travels to cool places 25% of the time.

I make a faux pas by sharing some T!inder pics of the pervs.  I am not sure he appreciates the freaks like I do.  Sigh….oh well.

I have to leave to go to work, and he asks me for drinks.

I thanked him on the app and gave him my number.  I may or may not hear from him. Time will tell!


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