A sober post

I might have had a few drinks last night and very little to eat.

More about the Coffee Guy:

I probably first met him 10 years ago.  I have no specific memories, but I know we often checked each other out. He is tall, dark and handsome.

He is super excited to meet me after reading my profile.  “BTW, I didn’t know we had so much in common.”

I do know I saw him in November.  And I KNOW he checked me out then.  But I was not going to pursue a door guy at the age of 39. Hell, no.  I am sure he has a day job, but 10 years at the door?

The date is good.  He changes cocktails because they are too expensive.  I feel like money is an issue.  He lives with crappy roommates.  He is starting a new business (coffee shop) and as far as I can tell he has no real business sense.

I realize I have given the Shop Owner a lot more kudos for being an entrepreneur – but he seemed to know what he was doing and things have changed in my own like in the last 4 months.  Success is way hotter to me.  I mean the Shop Owner was 35.  This guy is 43.

He is a good kisser.  He tells me he wants to go down on me.  We are in a parking lot.  And he cannot figure out why I do not think that is a hot statement.

I come home and tell the Tattoo Exec about that statement and he says he is dying to do that too.  Apparently my hoo haw is a hot commodity these days.  I had no idea.

The truth is what turns me on is changing.  I am drawn to success and power more.

I will see him again.  He will be good for me to hang out with when the Attorney is being weird or busy or whatever.

The best part of last night it the Coffee guy is looking at something on my phone and the Attorney texts me about tomorrow night.  So he knows I have another date.


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