Take 2

The Attorney:  Communication has been weird.  I mean days go by.  But we are due for cocktails tomorrow.

Coffee guy: I pulled myself from m@tch.  I was bored.  I needed a break.  I put myslef on OKC.  It’s super fucking lame.  But this guy checks me out and I know him.  He is the door guy from a bar I used to hang out at. I was there for the first time in years last Nov and I remember him doing a double take on my ID – I assumed into me or remembered me.

Turns out into me,  As I had always been curious about him.

He now owns a coffee house.  In a city near by (closer than the bar).

It is a good date.  He gets the art lover in me.  He likes me.  He has liked me for about as long as I have been curious about him. He thinks I am pretty and have a good ass.

We are in the parking lot, lightly making out when he says “I want to go down on you” and I laugh.  I am not in the same mood.  I am intrigued but I am not hot and bothered.  Yet, anyway.

I think I will see him again.





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