The weekend communication from the Attorney was stilted.  He never said he was sorry which irritated me.  And he asked “Are you attracted to me?  I’m very much so toward you”.

My reply “Right now I’m sort of annoyed with you but I might get over it”.

2 hours later “I get it”.

I was pretty sure it was done.  I mean he had no kids this weekend.  And he is not asking to see me after fucking up Friday.

He texted me last night about a family emergency with his brother.  And he flew out of state to be with him.  It is tragic.  And I am glad he got to go.

And for whatever reason, we went back to the “I miss you” texts.  Finally.


In the mean time I went out with Jiu Jitsu boy again.  He does not do much outside of workout.  He eats clean.  He does not drink.  But he pays for my drinks, so it is all good.

I had given it until about 2 on Sunday to see if the Attorney wanted to hang and since I got nothing (and he knew I was working in his city) I opted to see JJBoy.  He has told me I am beautiful more times than I can count.  To the point where it actually gets old.  That is sad, right?

We met at a swanky restaurant where I was having a glass of sparkling after work.  And then drove to another city to have mexican food.  The conversation is weird.  He does not really have a lot to talk about.  Work, his new motorcycle, working out….

It was fun but not as fascinating as Solar Guy or the Attorney or even the Tattoo Exec.

He is a control freak.  I am a control freak. He wants to be near me A LOT.  This is all going to go bad at some point.

I end up back at his house and we curl up on the couch to watch TV.  And I realize I cannot remember the last time I just cuddled with someone that did not lead to a grope or jizz in my eye or whatever.  It was nice.  He is not a large man, but he curled up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and it felt good.  I felt safe and cherished and comfy.

Today he says “You know you have a really nice body. [I don’t]  I noticed when that when you got up off  the couch.”

He likes ’em curvy.  Even though he works out 2 or 3 or more hours  day (not a big guy, lean).

Not sure what to do with that.



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