The Man returns

I live at the top of a small hill.

I am leaving my neighborhood this morning, turning left onto an obscure 4 lane road (meaning it is not well traveled or known) and as you look right, it is hard to see cars coming as they are coming up the hill.

I see a truck, it sees me as I turn into the other lane, with plenty of space for them to come up behind or beside me, and it slows. No one slows.  No. One. Slows.  I have lived here for 9 years.  I have made that left a million times.  No one slows.

It catches my attention.  Because it slows and we are now coming downhill again, and still it hangs back.  Who would NOT let a car (this is a heavy truck) coast downhill, WHO would press the brake and hang back??  There is a stop sign coming up and it occurs to me this person does not want to be stopped next to me.

I had stopped gawking at every Dodge truck months ago.  The Man had moved way out of the area.  He knows no one near me.  He has no reason to be in my town much less outside my small neighborhood.  But it is him.  He dutifully ignores me.  I can see the dog through the back window.

I am livid.  He has no reason for being here.  None.  Except to drive by my hood?  He does not pull into the shitty bar on the corner – that at least would have been an excuse.

He turns right, I turn left.  I am shaking.  Not from fear or surprise but because he is back.  And how many times has he done this? Because it is a total fluke I happened to be leaving right then.  I am pissed.

I get to my office and call the client that introduced us.  The client says he has not heard from him in 2 months and assumes he is still living in Reno cleaning carpets with his loser friend. He made $100K+ when I met him and he was laid off the day we were totally done.  And now he is cleaning carpets.

I text him:  9:57 am  There is no reason to drive near my house.  You hate [CITY].  Just stay out of it.

Him: 10:25 am  It’s a free country and I will go where I want and if you don’t like it that’s too bad.

10:27 am I assume this is Redhead.  I deleted your numeber so I’m not positive.  Why would you have my number still to text me about your immature requests?

Ass. Hole.  I do not respond.  He wants to bait me and I am not going down that road.  I have too much good stuff happening.  Even my challenges now are easy compared to him.  He knows he lost a good thing.



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