Stepping back

The attorney called me last night and we chatted for 20 minutes.  He started laughing because he had a hard on while chatting about nothing at all.

He keeps texting me that we need to have a “proper dinner”.  And we had been chatting about getting together.  It was not totally clear if it was going to be Friday or Sunday.  So, I texted in the afternoon asking if I was going to see him or did he have other plans (1 pm).  “I’ll come out later” (4 pm).

Huh.  Ok.

At 9:14 he tells me he got drunk with friends in the city and he  needs to sober up before coming out.

“Just get home safe.  Talk to you tomorrow” is my response.

I am irritated.  But only because he had ample time to text me and tell me he wanted to do something else.  I would have made other plans.

And that there was no apology in there.

Although my story will be that I was out.

This shows me where I stand.  Big time.  He wants to fuck me, for sure, but I am not really a part of his life…he sort of includes me (texted me about how he got screwed in court) but then this happens.

I need to make other plans for Sunday.  I need to not be available.




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