The attorney texted me to tell me he may come home and would I like to have a drink.  OF COURSE!

I actually had a date with Jiu Jitsu Tattoo guy (I like tattoos, but someone covered in them is getting a little tired at this age).  He was sulky and antisocial, but into me.  I think he was put off when a text popped up from the attorney calling me baby.  But he still kissed me at my car.  I texted and AIR…..So, moving on.

I went to BFF’s house to wait for the attorney to get home.  Then popped out and picked him up for fancy cocktails.  He told me about his trip for work and his trip with the kids (including the kid knocking on the door while he was doing a little self love).  He made headway with the work thing.  Really good headway.

And as we sat next to each other in the booth drinking cocktails with star anise frozen into long ice cubes, he touched me and held my hand and kissed me and told me he missed me.  It was heaven.

We went back to his place.  And started to make out.  We ended up with his pants down and jacking off all over my tits.  Only he missed and got my eye.  Which was hilarious.  And then we cuddled for a few and chatted and I went home.compliments1 compliments2


He texted me first this morning.  We pretty much said good morning and went about our days.




And then he called to chat.  I made some comment about wanting to move to his city and how I should have robbed a bank 3 years ago to buy something.  And he said if the current big case works out, then maybe we just run away to Lake Como instead.

Sigh…..oh lord. This one is going to wrap me around his finger.


On the other end of the spectrum, Solar Guy is turning into a douche.  He played hooky from work yesterday.  I asked if that meant he was out for the event I had invited him to Friday and he said “I shouldn’t take 2 days off this week”.  Ok. GFY.  He got back a “gotcha” and I have been clipped ever since.

I am not sure if he is not into me (hard to read) or if he wants to play some lame game, but I am pretty much done at this point.


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