The attorney took his kids out of  town after having to cancel our Friday night date due to child injury.

I then got a call from BFF that she and COO had broken up and spent my weekend dealing with her stuff.

I did manage a Sunday night date that was a bust.

The attorney was supposed to be back yesterday, but I have heard nothing since my Saturday text to have a good time.  So, with hesitation I text him about an hour ago.  He is back out of town working (in an area he travels to often). Tells me he misses me.  Butterflies.  The moment I hear from him.  I tell him I still owe him a drink for his big coup last week.  kiss your face off

Do you really think he is hard in this meeting? I am betting he is.  There is some power in that.  Especially since I have not seen him March 30th.

He could very well have 3 girlfriends or more.  But I feel like he is too busy for that game.  Now, could he have someone down there, where he is working?  Possibly.  But I do not think he knows about things like T!nder.  I think he uses his work email for m@tch.  And he just does not seem up on all the sites he could be using for dates – which I get. He is busy. Like legitimately going places in this world.

I do know I am not a part of his life yet. He shared his big news last week but he did not tell me he was 1) back from the trip with the kids or 2) out of town again.  I am not in yet.  I realize he likely got home, went to the office and then out of town, but I also know I did not factor in for even a text.  Which is fine.  Just noting my place.

But I am smitten.  Butterflies as I sit here an type this, waiting for the next text.  Sigh….I am fucked.



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