How to save a weekend

When my plans all went to shit this weekend, I almost decided to stay home.   Thank god I didn’t.

Saturday night I met the graffiti artist.  We met at some dive and drank beers out of very tall cans.  He was cute. And that accent….drool.  He is hyper and cute and funny.  And I leaned in and kissed him because he talking about it, but didn’t do it.  We ended up at a shitty diner to sober up.  We made out for a few minutes while a city skunk kept us from getting out of the car.  He is a boob guy. Luckily mine will do.   He surfs and has one of those lean bodies, tousled hair, and I mentioned that accent right?  He also has a “job” (other than art) that is not exactly legal.  But yet, still fascinating.  Got home at 4 am.

Sunday I went out with the Attorney. He is just so cute.  He is passionate about what he does, animated, and so uncool.  But he is uncool in that way that I love – he does not give a fuck.

We had fancy cocktails.  And he told me he is a boob guy. And he wants someone with a big personality.  Both of which I have, but I find it amusing because I am calmer (and less chatty) around him than I am with most people.  I love that sitting in a bar, he always has his hands on me.  We snuggle and kiss and he is affectionate and into me.

We went back to his place to watch a movie. He made sure I parked in his secure garage and left me with the parking pass (it is an old one, but why am I getting the benefit?).  We made out on the couch.  I ended up giving him a handjob (which took forever – am I doing it wrong or is he one of those?).  Very nice cock.  At first I thought it was small, but it was just about perfect.  He whispers a lot when turned on.  I could not hear a lot of what he was saying.  Nothing was super dirty from what I could tell.  But he is way more vocal that I am.   Anyway…it was not the hottest night I have ever had, but he is good with the boobs.

Thursday will be Solar Guy.  No idea idea if I will see the artist again.  I know the attorney is out of town this weekend and should have kids Tues and Wed.  So….?


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