Plan B

All of me weekend plans went to shit.

Friday I was supposed to see the attorney, but he ended up working late.  And I was diagnosed with bronchitis so I am back on antibiotics.  It was better to stay home

I was supposed to go see Solar Guy today.  But he texted he has the stomach flu.  The odd thing is I did not hear from him from after 6 pm Friday. And I texted some things he should have responded to.  Anyway, I was told at 9 am this morning he was ill.

So I tried to see the attorney, who had plans.  And I decided to stay home and clean house and get better.

I spent most of the day explaining my dating life to Angst Boy who was a dick a few weeks ago and I had written off.  We never went out and once the convo got interesting he started getting cocky.  And I had to put little mister in his place.  I think he was a little taken aback that I was explaining I have 2 tiers of guys I am dating.

Then the Graffiti Artist CALLED.  Not texted, called. And his accent meant I was putting on makeup and tarting up and leaving the house for sure.

So I am on my way to meet him.


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