The Tattoo Attorney is back in town.  We had a great evening of sparkling wine and shrimp tacos. He has great stories.  He knows people.  Like the guy who owns a huge olive company (ones I eat).  He remembers things about me, though.  Like where I went to high school.  Sweet, sweet man.

He wanted to hang out again tonight.  I have bronchitis.  I have had it for 2 weeks I think.  And with his urging, I finally went and got meds – waiting on those now.  Sigh….

I left him early and met up with Tattoo Exec at the underground bar.  Where I proceeded to so thoroughly offend his friend the guy left without saying goodbye to anyone.

I got home late.  I slept like shit.  I am tired.

But I may see the attorney again tonight.

And I have Solar guy tomorrow.

And a new one that I was going to see Sunday but he does not want cooties.

So, time to get all the cooties taken care of!


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