Life is good

I am feeling pretty good right now.  Still have a dry cough from being sick, but I am happy.

-I am 40 and I have never dated like this.  I never felt I deserved this type of attention from this caliber of men.   I have never been one to juggle but this is working out perfectly.   I would say I am serious about 2 of the men but have plenty of others flowing in and out that I am never without an option.  I am not pining for anyone.  I am making them chase a little. They have to plan ahead.

For fuck’s sake I am playing The Rules.  I always thought they were bullshit but they put me in charge.  Only they do not know it!  I am not playing all of the games, but I am keeping my options open. I am planning when I can but also being spontaneous when it works for ME.  It is all keeping me sane.  And I like sane.

-Finally getting paid (last check was December)

-The Tattoo Attorney has not been super communicative, but I feel like he is not a texter or emailer.  He has been out of town since Tuesday or Wed.  Last night I was out with a friend/client’s work peeps (free wine and a great meal with 5 men does not suck) and he texted that he had a minute to chat if I wanted to talk.  I called.  We exchanged a few sentences and he was gone again.  I understand he has a super important job so I am not taking it personally…..I just do not know what to make of it.  He started the names…he started with love, and it is now babe or sexy.


-The Tattoo Exec came out of the woodwork last 1 I was surprised with the “Love you’s” (there were 2 in the text exchange).  Although I do love the name Ginger P*ssy.  He seems to want to be more than friends.  I am not sure how I feel about that, but I am willing to test it out a bit.

-Solar Guy – We have plans for next weekend and this weekend just did not seem to work out.   Then he decided we should do lunch tomorrow but he needs to be in the city by 8 so I cannot “hold on to” him for “too long”.   He had a big issue at work and texted me about it this week.  I told him we should talk later and he called when he was done…not to vent really, but to explain the situation. He is talking about  new opportunities (CTO) that could move him closer to me.  We are not super far apart, but it would be nice to have him live in a direction I travel more frequently – or one without a bridge.

I texted him later that chatting with him reminds me why I like him and he said “We should chat more often!  Text does not do us justice”.  The texts do make me wonder…..they all feel like a little text and not a convo.  While chatting really does connect us. I will bring it up with him that the text does not make me warm and fuzzy.  I know he listens to me so I think if I can sneak it in somehow that I prefer to connect vs. text back and forth he will hear me.

I will point out that he is the one choosing more – more talks, to see me this weekend if even just for lunch, to share his drama and his plans for change.

-Tonight is a new date.  Local.  Age appropriate.  Works at a popular tourist place in the city.  Not excited at all. But it is something to do tonight!


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