Slowing it down for health

The Tattoo Attorney gave me effing strep throat.

I have not been that sick in eons.  Fever, exhaustion, swollen painful glands, tonsils touching, night sweats like I have never experienced before.

Anyway, we texted a bit after the first date – “we should be making out” and “I like you, I like you, too” type shit. Then nothing.  And I reached out as I got better and the response was luke warm.  “Good girl”.  Like I am a fucking dog.

So, I blew it off.

And I just heard from him. He asked if I forgot about him.  I told him he owed me a date for getting me sick and he says he owes me several.

We will see.


Getting sick really took the wind out of my dating sails.  It forced me to pause.  And clean some of them out.  And add in a few others.


Solar guy – He continues to text me all the time.   He was pretty attentive while I was sick.

I sent him a text about a movie I want to see and he decided we should see it together when it opens – so we have plans for 3/29.

2 weeks away.  Sigh….

Last night:

duckSo now I am convinced he actually likes me. Not sure where it goes from here, because he is a little bit of an odd duck, but I still want to know more.


Tonight I was almost on my way to make out with a 36 year old Australian from LA in town (SF) for tonight only.  Cute.  Tall.  Successful.

But he dicked around too long and I went home.  That was probably the right choice.  But my hormones wanted some attention.


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