Solar – more details

I have been light on details because it does not seem worth it to spend the energy writing about things that may not last.  I would rather just jot down a few random notes about each.

But of the 8+ guys I have gone out with and the few I have also cut while talking on the phone, Solar is the one that sticks out the most.

When we first started chatting I was distant because he was a little too pretty and a little too far away.  We would chat and take a break and he would come back (as I was chatting elsewhere) and we would continue.  He asked to take it to a cell phone more than once.  I ignored it.  Right before we did chat on the phone, I went through the texts and realized I knew almost nothing about him.  And what I like is he explained in detail and with reference to “you’ll get to know this along the way”.

So we moved to a phone call.  Then texting.  After our first chat on the phone we kept texting.  And he mentioned filters, and people getting past them.  I said “Hey, if I am stuck in one of your filters cut me loose now”.  And he calls again.  Essentially to tell me I am doing alright so far.

Again – I like that.  He picks up the phone.

He has done it since, too.  We will be in a convo on text and he calls to chat or explain.  He did it last night.

Anyway, when we met I was not nervous.  Til I walked in.  Way cuter than his pics.   Now I am feeling insecure.   We drink.  He makes me eat a mussel.  We share a crab salad.  And we talk.  About what?  Lots.

He had told me he had been reading a lot about higher consciousness so I bring it up. And he tells me a story of 2 instances that could not be explained (premonition type stuff).  And as he was researching those he took a reiki class and when he was done, he could see spirits.

I lean away and look at him.  “I have known you and hour and a half.  Should you be telling me this?”

“I don’t usually talk about it”.

Huh.  Ok.

So, we continue a bit with it and move on to other conversations.

We leave the nice place with the view of the water for a dive bar down the street.  [Last night he said we had more fun at the dive with the bartender asking us to feed the jukebox and other random happenings.].

We are having fun.  Singing along.  Talking about whatever. [Side note: Did he bring up schizophrenia?] and we end up closing the place down.

I am not sure, but I think I kissed him first.  Where?  I cannot remember…in the bar?  In the car?  Shrug.

But we make out in my car for an hour with his fingers down the neckline of my shit and dipping into my bra, barely brushing my nipples.

I like him.  I want to know more. The fact that he is playing hard to get is making me crazy (and more curious).

For now I am playing it cool. I tend to mention that I have spoken to another guy here or there so he knows I am not waiting at home.

He is wine tasting today (with friends he says).  I asked for a pic of a drink since I was at the office on a Saturday.  It took a few hours, but he did answer me.  Nothing else though.

I will be busy tonight, so maybe I can manage to play it cool tonight.  I want to invite him to the party, but it is too soon to deal with someone spending the night (we live about an hour apart). I will wait and see…..


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