Friday night

I worked late tonight.  Got home around 8:30 to have popcorn for dinner.  And ice cream.

I texted with 4 guys today.  I could have gone out with at least 2 or 3 of them.

J – Attorney – We finally connected this morning.  He has been ill.  He was headed to a mediation and wanted me to call him later, but I was too busy. He texted me tonight and we are talking about going out when he is cootie free

Z – the Exec – A miscommunication had him coming out with me tonight for a drink.  I had meant to ask him to join me tomorrow.  But again, he texted me more tonight after I got home.  I am not sure he is interested, I think he just wants to hang.

J-The Grafitti Artist – a new one. He got my number and I told him to use it wisely.  And he reminded me he does graffiti.   Ooops. My number could be all over very soon.

A – Solar guy – this morning we had an exchange about intellect.complex

complex 2I feel like I tried to get some sort of “you are smart enough” response from him 3 times. And when it went ignored, I stopped texting.  It is one thing for me to think I can keep up, but this guy is smart about shit I cannot even wrap my head around.  If he wants his equal…well, I am not sure I am it.

On one hand, he keeps texting me.  On the other, we have no plans.  So, what the hell is going on, right?

That exchange ended at 10:47.  Silence.  At 2:40 he texts me a pic of something silly.  At 3:40 I respond with a pic that refers to the boredom comment from text.  He responds back.  I do not.

Just before 9 pm I send a pic of my drink and  I tell him what I had for dinner and he says I should have come up for steaks and wine. “Wasn’t invited” I say.

“But there will be a next time”, he says.

“I will hold you to that”.

“Do that” he responds.  8:59 pm

10:38 he he sends me a picture of himself.  “You afraid I will forget what you look like?” I ask.  We go back and forth and he shows a CAH card.  Wanna play I ask?  Thinking we could just send pics back and forth.

Only he calls.  And we spend an hour chatting and playing the game in a way it was not meant to be played, but is still fun.  And I am better at it than he is.  Wittier.

So.  We will see.




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