Home alone

I do not get a lot of alone time right now.   I am either out or someone is buzzing me on my phone all day long – text, email, T!nder, fb.

The quiet feels good.  To sit on my couch with only a random text from Solar Guy (who is the only one I am super into at this point).  He sends a quote that I already love.  I am not sure if he is nuts or not.  I am not sure I will see him again.quote

But for now, I will not worry about Solar guy.  I will enjoy a quiet night in my own home.  Maybe J the Attorney will call tonight.  Maybe he won’t.  He says he is home with the flu.


The Coach came over last night after being out of town with his team.  I had warned him I was PMSing yet he came anyway.  And he poked.  Which is really not a good way to approach PMS.

He did try to be nice eventually.  I was curled up on the couch about asleep and he tried to give me a massage. The massage was good.  But he is a little dumb.  He is too agreeable and not bright enough.  I just cannot do it anymore.  Even if I would love to have someone touch me like that all the time.

I did not hear from him today.  Does he know?  Is that good?  Is he over me?  He was bent that I kicked him out at 12:30 last night.  Yeah, it was raining. How is that my problem?  I had to tell him to go as he would not take a hint.  Me yawning and saying I have a long day tomorrow, me barely awake.  Did he think he could stay?


Tuesday I went out with Z – The Exec.  Super good looking.  Tall and handsome.  He had to take a call as soon as I got there, so it was a little awkward.  But we seemed to get along fine.  He does not want to date. Or he only wants to date.  He does not want a relationship. And I was pretty clear I do not want just sex.  But if he wants to hang, I am down.

He looks very buttoned up but he played along well.  I did hear from him the next day.  And I might check in with him tomorrow.  Just to say hi.





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