The fun continues?

Today I went to lunch with some good friends.  BFF and her boyfriend COO.  Let me back up….

New characters:

BFF and I met about 21 years ago.  Our friendship has been interesting.  We can be very similar.  But things have been volatile, too.  And there have been years that pass that we do not talk – typically because of some douche she has chosen.

COO – They have been together for two plus years.  But he is married (separated about 6 months ago). I adore him.  I do not adore the situation, but it is not really my business so I STFU.

Cat Sitter:  Friend of COO. He lives with COO most of the time as he has been kicked out for cheating on his wife (theme, much?). He stayed at my house when I was on a vacation. Vacation was cut short and I ended up living with him for about 10 days.  It was cool. He is fun but not terribly smart.  We like to refer to him as blond when his hair is jet black.

So today the three of us are at lunch and my phone is face down and on silent.  I pick it up and realize it is ringing.  It is Cat Sitter.  Now, he is someone I am friendly with when we run into each other or if COO and BFF instigate an evening event, but after the vacation there has been little to no texting and certainly no calls – nor has there been a reason for either.

I say “It’s ‘Cat Sitter'” to COO as I answer…”Hi there, what’s up?” and the phone is pulled from my hand and COO starts with their regular hello to each other.

After that exchange CS and I finish our convo which is essentially “I was driving by your area, thought of you, wanted to say hi, etc, etc, etc”.  And I pretty much respond with “Yeah, everything is great, I will see you Saturday at [event] right?” He will and we get off the phone quickly.

COO makes some comment about that being a hook up call or something.  Which I poo poo.  Although this is the second time in a week or two that COO has made reference to me hooking up with CS.   I cannot remember where we were the first time, but I had the same reaction – he is not into me.  We are friendly.  We are super cool but there is no “thing”.

But COO continues – “He likes your ass.  And he broke up with his gf.  And I have threatened him about you”.

Threatened him? Insinuating I cannot handle this?  If I can handle the other married guy (also a friend of these 2 men) who is prettier and way more aggressive, I can handle this.

“What did you threaten him about?” I ask.  Stumped.

“I told him if he brings any drama to my doorstep I will beat him senseless. And that call was to for more than checking in on you”.

Interesting.  If only from the standpoint of I often assume men are not interested only to discover they might be.  And I get it – this is only sex.  He does not want to date me.  He likes them young and dramatic and I am neither.

What I do not need is drama.  So, this will merely be an interesting point to ponder over the next few days.  I may or may not have a date to bring to the event on Saturday.  Now I don’t know if I want one, maybe I just watch this thing happen.  Not to act on anything, just to observe.


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