Very quickly…

I need to go to bed, so I will be brief.  But deciding that I have not one thing to lose, I offered to pop by Shop Owners place of business as I was going to be in his area for a fun day with a girlfriend.  

My thinking is – I have already lost him.  If he wants to be friends, great, I will show him how awesome I am.  But regardless, in my mind, he is already gone.  I just think this one is special and my gut says to put in a little effort and get face to face.

I spent about 40 minutes there – most of which he was physically working either on something or with somebody.  But in the moments in between he would hug me or smack me on the ass lightly.

I think I told him he could meet up with us if he wanted.  When we were done (we had tickets to something), my friend and I went back towards his place and all 3 of us went for dinner and drinks.

He reached over and grabbed my hand as we sat down and I melted.  He was affectionate for the rest of the evening.  Hands on my in some way.  Looking at me.  Watching me.  He was charming to my friend.  And it was perfect.  It felt right.

I started to fade, not feeling well (PMS) and he asked me to come to his house, which I had to decline.  But he asked.

I have no idea what this means.  It could mean nothing. But he kissed me quite a few times before he left.  I keep reminding myself to have faith.  Faith that he is who I think he is.  Faith this will work out as it is supposed to.




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