From Fuck Yes to Fuck No

I heard not one word from him today.  I just sent the email to break it all off.  No sense in my torturing myself over here.  We went from him turning over in his sleep and mumbling how much he likes me to silence today.

He does not want to be the bad guy.  I was the one who was open and honest and he cannot give me that back.  So I will be the bad guy for him.  It hurts. But I want the control.  It is all I have left.

This one stings.  I was really into this guy.  We connected on so many levels.  I will allow myself to wallow for a few days and let it go.


I sent the email and we went back and forth a bit.

And then I get a text:  Yes, I’m trying to distance myself a little.  I’ve already become too attached.  I’ll talk to you later, ok?

Stabbed me right in the heart.  Fuck me.  Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck fuck.


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