Hand in glove

I met a new guy. I smiled at him in eh@rmony, thinking he was cute but way too young and he could just ignore me if he chose.

If you know how that system works, he skipped all the bullshizz and went straight for an email. Which I like but also freaks me out a bit because it misses some questions I actually like to have answered. But I rolled with it.

After an few emails he asked me out. I explained I like to have a phone convo first and he LOVED it. We talked for an hour and a half.

The date was set for last Thursday. I was super nervous meeting him. I went to his work (odd but it worked out) terrified he would think I am fat or ugly or not what he pictured.

It is awkward to start, as it always is.  He shows me around his shop, introduces me to an employee.

He has amazing bright green eyes.  He is thin, thinner than I thought.  And a super full goatee.  Bald head.  Sort of my “style”.  He resembles UB.  In looks only.  He owns his own company.  3 locations.  He might not be as driven as I am, but he gets it.  (And now, later, after more talk, I think he will compete a little for success, he knows how dedicated I am to work and I think he feels like he needs to keep up).  He is a doer.  

We have a few beers, swap bad dating stories.  At one point he gets up and leaves his phone so I text him that I am having a good time.  We head to another bar and he keeps bumping up against me on the street.  I know he likes me.

More fun in bar #2.  We end up making out in the bar. And on the street.  And at my car. And in my car.  And in front of his house.

And he leaves town the next day.  So the last 3 days have constituted a shit load of texts and one long phone convo. 

He gets me. He says amazing things that are just so mature (for someone 5 years younger than me).  I mean I understand there is no saying this is ANYTHING at all…..but he is invested and involved.

And I am terrified.  He could fit.  He might not.  But he could.


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