Day 1 of 30

Over the last few days I have decided to do a cleanse of sorts.

I gained about 3  or 4 pounds over the holidays. And I started the holidays 5 pounds over what I was in the early part of the year- so call it 8 to 10 pounds to make me feel better.  My stomach has been upset for the last 7 days or so – either sugar or soy possibly being the culprit.  My energy levels are low.  My skin looks like shizz with cystic acne one one side of my mouth that just will not heal.  And I am not in a happy place because of all of this.

I am doing a Whole30.  30 days of eating as clean as I can, not drinking, exercising, nourishing my body and my soul.

I am going back to boxing at least 2 days a week with a real push to do 3.

I have joined a yoga studio for the month and am trying Bikram and possibly Vinyasa.  I am  not in love with the hot factor of the yoga but I am taking this as step 1 to find the studio that will give me what I want.

While the weather is still nice I will hike once a week.

Other goals: Eat 100 grams of protein a day and have at least 2 servings of vegetables (I am not a fan so this is big for me)

So – today was Day 1

-Workout: 75 minutes of yoga.

-Pre-workout – banana

-Post-workout: (while running errands) – KIND bar (not on the plan, but I was desperate and had not shopped yet)

-Breakfast:  3 egg whites and one yolk and 2 pieces of bacon. Coffee with half and half (not supposed to have dairy)

-Lunch:  haphazard as I had a late breakfast – pumpkin seeds, salami (also not on the plan but I need to shop more!)

-Dinner: Salmon with pesto and pistachios, grilled artichoke with pesto aioli.

Cravings: Sugar.  Diet coke.  Any beverage that is not water.

Feeling: Good.  Happy I made healthy food!  Excited to make some changes.

Carbs: 32 grams

Protein: 90 grams (CLOSE!)

Veggies: 2.  Banana counts.  Word.  I say veggies but I mean things that grow in the ground or on trees.


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