They cum, they go

The guy I was last talking about….long story short.  Tried to break up with him, he cried.  Dated for another few weeks, banged, and it was bad. Like really horrible sex.  I am not sure it was that bad in high school when none of us knew what we were doing.

Things are sort of hot on the couch and we go upstairs.  The making out is decent.  Not super passionate, but ok.

Next thing you know pants are off.  Excuses about it being cold in the room…, what?  I was still in the making out phase.  The only reason I am marginally “ready” for sex is because hormones make it so when you are ovulating.

Then he is putting on a condom and I am like “WHOA, slow down there sport, there is no rush”.  Another moment or two and he puts it on anyway with a comment about not wanting to take the time later.

And he puts it in.

I would like to point out he has not touched me below the waist at this point.  Or ever.  I could have been dry as a desert and he would have just stuck it in.

And he pounds away in missionary.  It is not large. Possibly do-able, but I am guessing half hard.

There is no tenderness, no passion, nothing.  Just the pounding.

Finally, my legs are done with this position and I ask if there are other positions be likes.  Yeah….pound, pound, pound.

After another few moments I essentially push him off of me as my legs are just not meant to be in the position for that long.  Or I guess if they are, there is usually so much other stuff going on I would not notice the pain?  I climb on top, hoping I can at least see if this dick is do-able.

It could have been ok, but it slips out twice (and I am hardly a gaping hole), but I like to lean back when on top and it is not working.  So, I give up.  I try to be nice, but the apologies start.  I am trying to ask questions – was there something I could have done, is there anything different that could have happened…..he has no answer. He NEVER has an answer.  For anything.

I make a comment that 90% of what can get a girl off has nothing to do with a dick.  He does not get or ignores the hint.  My mind is reeling.  I have dated guys who do not like pussy before and it is the most depressing thing ever.  OMG, he is afraid of pussy.

We lay there for awhile.  And I decide to mess around with the penis, as it is there, in my bed.  I get him hard again.  It is not large. And curls down.  DOWN!  I have never seen one turn that way!

We do it again. And again, it is missionary and pounding, and no tenderness and no passion, just a function.  And he finishes.  And he apologizes that it was not longer.  And I am thinking, “When done properly, the actual act of sex does not need to be very long”…meaning when there is real foreplay.  He keeps telling me it will get better.  He will get used to being with me. He is nervous.  And all I keep thinking is “Any man with a dick that does not work should be a PRO at making sure the girl gets hers and the fact that he has not even touched me below the belt  is a HUGE concern”.

He spends the night which is really annoying as I just want to get my toys out and finish myself off (as I AM ovulating and it makes me super horny).

The next day I break up with him.  Over email.  Because I am not going to deal with the tears again.

I tell him it is more than just the sex.  I do not want to be the alpha in my relationship.  I need/want someone who is more sexually adventurous that I am to push me further. And with him I would make all the moves.

And that thought depresses me.

He never answered the email.


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